Educational Tours & Field Trips

 The Stephen and Mary Birch Health, Fitness, & Education Center is an educational learning center designed to emphasize  the  core values of physical fitness, nutrition, cardiovascular health and drug awareness.  Therefore, it is imperative to instruct students from as early as possible on these themes, so that they may be adopted as values for a lifetime. 

Interactive exhibits and educational curriculum / tours are available for the different problems outlined previously. The curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards to allow us to market our field trip experience to school educators statewide.


Calories Count

LEVEL - 4th & 5th Grade thru High School

$5 dollars per student; teachers free

Group Size - minimum 15 / maximum 30

This educational tour will cover the following topics-

• What are calories and how do we burn them?

• How to read nutritional information on food packages

• How to calculate proper portions and serving sizes

• Fun activities for burning calories 

The program takes 1.5 hours per group


 Healthy Hearts, Healthy Kids

LEVEL – 4th-5th grade

$5 dollars per student; teachers free

Group size- minimum 20/ Maximum 90

In this lesson, students will learn the importance of cardiovascular health.  The presentation covers:

 -what the heart does

 -how to properly take care of one the most important organs in your body

 -the negative effects of smoking and various bad behaviors.

Activity includes jump rope games to demonstrate one of the many ways to take care of the heart. This program takes about 2 hours to complete.


Major League Math

LEVEL - 4th Grade thru 8th 

$5 dollars per student; teachers free

Group Size - minimum 20 / maximum 60

Each student will receive one pack of baseball cards

This program makes use of math calculations to figure mean, median to calculate the following baseball statistics - Batting Average, Total Bases & Slugging Percentage

Major League Math takes 1 hour per group - 30 minutes of extra time may be required for quick tour & gift shop


 Mean, Median, Mode and Range

LEVEL - 4th & 5th Grade thru High School 

$5 dollars per student; teachers free

Group Size - minimum 15 / maximum 40

In this lesson, the students will be educated on calculating mean, median, mode and range. After, students will be divided into teams and allowed to pitch a baseball or softball using our new state of the art Visual Sports Simulator. The VSS has a radar gun that displays how fast each pitch is thrown. Students record their mph for each pitch then calculate the Mean, Median, Mode and Range. The team with the highest mean receives a prize! 

This program takes 2 hours per group