The Big Shootout Screening to be held August 8th

Join us on August 8th at 7p.m. when we host a screening for The Big Shootout, a documentary of the Texas V. Arkansas game of 69, coined “the game of the century.”  The event will begin with an introduction by filmmaker and producer Mike Looney, and conclude with a Q&A with former players.  Tickets are available for purchase online.  A single ticket will cost $20, a pair will be $35 or take advantage of our Special Offer and purchase a pair of tickets and your own copy of the DVD for $50!

               In October of 1969 number 1 Texas and number 2 Arkansas went head to head in the first ever championship game that was arranged for television.  President Nixon attended the game and the entire nation tuned in to watch a game like never before. 
              Filmmaker and producer Mike Looney captures the essence of the game in his documentary with interviews of players, coaches and fans; footage of the game, and insight into how this game changed the face of football and the reason it is still talked about so many years later. 

             The doors will open at 7p.m, and an introduction by Mike Looney will take place around 7:15 directly followed by the playing of the documentary.  The Q&A with former players will follow the conclusion of the film around 9:30.

Get your tickets now!


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