4th Annual Texas Shootout

        The 4th Annual Texas Shootout will be held on May 10 in Baylor University’s Ferrell Center. The purpose of the event is to showcase the talent of the best high school basketball players in the state of Texas. 

But the Texas Shootout isn’t just any regular game. “ This all-star game includes 1-5A public, private and home school players,”  Brian Winarick said, one of the founders of the game.  That is just one aspect that makes this game special. The best players from all different schools get to come together to compete in the game they love. 

Even though the event is only 4 years old, there have been plenty of players who have proven why they deserve to be considered the best of the best. Prominent past players include: Jenzel Nash, the national scoring leader with 37.7 points a game, Nicole Moody, who went on to be the Big 12 Freshman of the Year and Peyton Little, the two time state tournament MVP. 

But players aren’t the only big names at the event. Many prominent coaches also help to participate in coaching the event.  Leta Andrews, JD Mayo and Joe Lombard are just a few of the coaches who have participated in past years. 

This event holds much importance for the players who are involved. “I remember the last shot in the last second of the last game I ever played. I want these kids to have as much fun as possible and never forget the last game they play in their high school career,” Winarick said. For many of these players, this is their last opportunity to showcase their talents before they leave for the college level. It’s a time that holds much importance for everyone involved. 

       The girls’ basketball game will begin at 10:45 a.m., and the boys’ game will follow 30 minutes after the girls’ game finishes. Tickets for adults are $7, and children 7 and under can get into the game for free. 

       The Texas Shootout benefits the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and everything it represents. “The hall of fame carries a lot of recognition,” Winarick said. “It is pretty cool for them to be a part of such a big name.”

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