New Exhibit- "Cartooning the SWC"

The Texas Sports Hall of Fame unveils new “Cartooning the SWC” exhibit. This exhibit showcases the works of sports cartoonists Bill McClanahan and Dirk West, and how their work influenced the Southwest Conference. The exhibit also provides background information on both of these Texas cartoonists, as well as an original Bill McClanahan cartoon.

The Cartooning the SWC exhibit, researched and designed by intern Ali Chappell from Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C.,  provides a new outlook on how sports cartoons pioneered the way of relaying sports outcomes and news to the public. Before modern technology, sports cartoonist provided a unique way to relay team outcomes and news to the public regarding SWC teams. “It’s a nostalgic look back at cartoons and how they helped form public opinion, convey information, and really served as a form of entertainment as well.” Paige Davis, collections manager at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame said. The exhibit is an exciting new addition to the museum’s SWC exhibit gallery…come check it out!
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