Object from TSHOF Collection Featured in Painting

Inspired by the wear and tear of historic football equipment, South Texas artist Kyle Polzin partnered with the Texas Sports Hall of Fame to create “Legends of the Game”, an impactful painting illustrating the character and texture of vintage football pieces. 

“As kids growing up on a dead end street, all we did was play football,” said Polzin.  “By showcasing antique pieces, you can dream up a scene to relate to, and completely immerse yourself into it.”

While searching for football equipment, Polzin came in contact with the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.  Jay Black, curator of the Hall of Fame,  who lent vintage football pants to Polzin for inspiration.  The pants are featured in the painting along with a football belonging to Black.

“To get the feeling of old vintage, you can’t pull it off without having something that’s been used,” said Polzin.  “Feeling the texture of the helmet, pants and football and knowing where it came from made me want to bring out the character of these pieces.”

 Polzin originals are available through the Southwest Gallery.  Visit for more information.
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